Mission Statement

Living in a wired world has never become more self-evident. In almost every aspect of our lives we, in one way or another, rely on the Internet to fascilitate some chore. It wasn't long ago I was asked to help a family member locate a doctrinally sound church in their area. No problem, I thought. I'll just open up my browser and plug in some keywords into a good search engine. While this method provided me with an insurmountable list of choices, some related to my intent and some otherwise, it wasn't at all what I'd expected. The chances of finding a good local assembly this way is really like grasping at straws, but instead of their being a handful of possibilities there are millions. This sort of thing isn't alarming. We do, after all, live in a time dubbed "the information age." But I still couldn't help but be a little disappointed.

That's when it hit me, why not create a Web Directory Service that could provide this sort of information. Gospel Stream Ministries is my attempt at doing so. GSM is aimed at providing God's people with a vast communications network where the burdensome task of locating doctrinally sound assemblies of believers will be greatly simplified. God desires for His people to regularly attend their local assembly and it is my desire to assist them to the extent that God will allow. It is my hope that this directory will reach far beyond my area and even outstretch the US.

But there was yet one thing remaining. How good could a directory be if it was just a bunch of listings followed by and address and phone number? It was then that I realized that the GSM directory could not exist in such a way, it had to deliver meaningful content as well or it would be little improvement over a using a search engine. That's why every listing in the directory will be provided with complimentary hosting for their very own Web page, no programming skills required.


Statement of Faith

  • We stand upon the King James Bible (Authorized Version of 1611) as God's inspired, preserved, inerrant word, and as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  • We believe there is one God and that He exists in three persons: God the Father, of whom are all things; God the Son, by whom are all things; and God the Holy Ghost.
  • We believe that man is, by nature and choice, a sinner and, thus, separated from God.
  • We believe that God the Son, the LORD Jesus Christ, left the glory of heaven to be born of a virgin through the power of the Holy Ghost. He walked among men and was in all points tempted, as we are...yet He never sinned. He was crucified and was buried, and rose again from the dead the third day in order to redeem sinful man by taking his place.
  • We believe that salvation is dependent upon man's repentance toward God and his belief on the LORD Jesus Christ alone, absent of works, baptism, "sacraments," or any other of man's traditions.
  • We believe in a literal, everlasting, burning hell, which is the end of all who reject the free gift of salvation in the LORD Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the eternal security of the truly born-again believer.
  • We believe that before the seven year tribulation and the literal thousand year reign of Jesus Christ, spoken of by the LORD Jesus Christ and the holy prophets in the Old Testament, that the LORD himself will come in the clouds to catch up all true believers to be with Him in heaven.
  • We believe that the local church is the medium through which the LORD works in this present world and that the local church consists of a local assembly of born-again, baptized believers in the LORD Jesus Christ who are sound in doctrine. The local church has Jesus Christ as its head and its pastor as overseer.

Getting listed in the GSM directory

Currently, the project is still under development and we are not yet offering the service.

Once things are up and running the process is simple.

  1. Fill out a form and agree to our Terms of Service.
  2. Your request will undergo review.
  3. Upon review GSM will notify you regarding our decision.
  4. If GSM approves your request you will be provided instructions about activating your account and further details.

You'll receive a confirmation email to inform you that your request has been sent and is awaiting review. The review process will be handled by myself and may involve further communication by phone. Any additional contact is purely for the purposes of protecting the integrity of the service and will not be used for any form of solicitation or marketing practice. It is not our desire to police what is often referred to as being the "gray areas" of the Bible. However, GSM can and will deny and/or discontinue service for any violation of the terms of service agreement. That is to say, if you feel the need to express an idea or belief that cannot be backed by scripture, don't do it here or you will lose service.


Signing up for free Web hosting

Hosting services are available only to those who are listed in the directory and are not available otherwise. If you are interested in our free web hosting please review our Terms of Service. If you agree to abide by these terms you may request that your church be added to the directory. If your request is approved, GSM will provide you with hosting services upon activation of your account.


Who runs GSM?

Bro. Michael Johnson

Gospel Stream Ministries is owned and operated by myself, Michael Johnson, and is funded mainly by the prayerful giving of others. I am persuaded that this work is of the Lord's desire and that it is a part of His will for my life. I am 31 years of age and a preacher of the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ. Since the day I answered His calling, nearly 11 years ago, it has been my desire to live a life well pleasing unto our lord. This work is merely another humble attempt of mine to do just that.


Is this really a free service?

Yes, absolutely 100% free of charge.

Sure, we've seen other similar services on the Web. Most of them offer some skimpy free package that's geared at luring people into paying for premium features. GSM is a work of faith, and is not a for-profit organization nor any other such business or enterprise. That's not to say that I refuse donations. Gospel Stream Ministries would not exist without the financial support of others. However, you should be aware of the fact that, as of the 29th of June 2009, GSM is solely under my own supervision and is not recognized by the federal government as being an 801(c)(3) organization. At this time it is not in the best interest of GSM to apply for tax-exempt status.


What's the catch?

Honestly, there's no catch. No fine print. No devious ploy. Simply sign up and give me a day or two to review your request. If your request is approved we'll create an account that's all your own and send you all the information you need to activate your account and get you on your way.